Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One Room Finished!

After being on vacation for about six weeks, I've had a lot of time to devote to the house. The smallest of our four bedrooms is now finished (with the exception of refinishing the floors, which we will do last when the whole upstairs is complete). The wood moulding, baseboard, and windows were stained in a dark mahogany (and three coats of polyurethane, which I am learning to apply without bubbles). The walls are a golden color called chestertown buff (which complements the color of the light fixture). The color is actually darker and richer than how it appears in the flash photo. We changed the electric outlets from white to brown and installed a period style push-button switch (with a dimmer-definately NOT period). It feels great to have one room done.

Meanwhile, progress continues on the bathroom...the subway tile wainscot and 1" white hexagon floor tiles are in! The walls were done perfectly, but the floor tile had to be ripped out and redone by the tile contractor because it just wasn't laid out in an even and level way. Luckily, our tile guy was very professional about the situation. And although he was not happy about having to redo it, he was very concerned that the job be done right and that we were happy. And ultimately, it came out beautifully! Next step--fix the gaping holes in the walls. The question is, drywall, or replaster???