Saturday, August 14, 2010

Workout Room

This is our upstairs porch. We have never really used it for anything, but always planned that it would be our workout room. We had the floor refinished several years ago. Spring break was when we began painting, but due to the 120 panes of glass in the windows, this was a time consuming process. Alas, the project continued into summer break. Finally done painting, and replacing the windows, we had the ceiling insulated with 3" thick rigid foam insulation. We covered that up with bamboo, which I don't really like the look of but it will do for now. Perhaps we'll take that down at some point and put up beadboard. In any case, the room is much cooler with the insulation. All the windows were screened, and we bought 3/4" foam gym mats for a nice cushiony base. In went our small collection of weights, etc. Let's see if we end up using it!!!

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